CPA Bound Program

According to various studies, less than 1% of African Americans make up the Certified Public Accountant ("CPA") population. In 2007, NABA launched the CPA Bound initiative to address barriers facing Black students and professionals obtaining their CPA license and to increase the number of Black CPAs. The next phase of NABA's CPA Bound program launched in 2020 is designed to build upon this initiative by further creating and equipping a community of CPA candidates and CPAs. 

In order to encourage CPAs and CPA candidates, the program will focus on four pillars:

  1. Connect: To create a community of CPA candidates through study groups, webinars and mentoring, seeking to address the pain points of studying for the exam.
  2. Prepare: To prepare CPA candidates by providing access to CPA requirement information, study materials and scholarship opportunities.
  3. Award: To celebrate new CPAs with recognition awards and incentive opportunities.
  4. Support: To support current CPAs in maintaining their license by promoting CPE opportunities and leveraging relationships with NASBA and the AICPA.

Becoming and being a CPA is a high distinction in the accounting profession. This path, however, can become a mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially draining experience. As a community, NABA’s goal is to relieve some of those stresses to show that we are all in this together; no one has to experience the journey on their own. NABA strives to create a community that is encouraging and uplifting through and after the CPA process.

The program will offer:

- Community chats and discussion boards to connect with others preparing for exams
- Self study sessions for those to study together in silence for online accountability
- Group study sessions for each section to go over study materials with others
- CPA mentors consisting of alumni and current CPAs to offer guidance and best practices
- Resources for exam requirements, materials, blogs, etc. that will help aid in the process
- Bi-monthly webinars to hear from CPA study coaches and inspirational speakers
- CPE sessions and tracking for current CPAs

Key Measures
- Testimonials | CPA Pass Rates | Membership Growth | Partnerships

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