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NABA’s Professional Matchmaking Network powered by Matchplicity opened exclusively for NABA members on March 1st.

Matchplicity cracks the code on recruitment and retention by matching job seekers and employers based on unique preferences. Make an investment in your career today and unlock your highest potential with Matchplicity, a smart-select tool exclusively designed with your career in mind. NABA corporate partners will have direct access to resumes, uploaded by NABA members, to make critical hiring decisions and fill vacant roles.   

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  • What is the system and how does it work? The matchplicity platform is a new networking and matchmaking platform designed to connect you directly with career opportunities. This career platform is designed to give you access to roles on demand, when you need them. View the matchplicity explainer video for additional context:
  • I’m having technical difficulties, who do I contact? The system is designed to be very intuitive, however should you run into any technical issues, please send an email to Their team is available during business hours to assist you with any challenges.
  • How many companies are in the system? The system is a BRAND NEW tool for NABA. Therefore, it will take some time for jobs and jobseekers to be added to the system. The system is opening with more than 15 Fortune 500 organizations and will continue to grow, particularly around our upcoming 2021 Virtual National Convention & Expo. Check back regularly to see what new companies and new roles are available.  
  • Can I access this tool from my mobile device? Yes! You can login from your mobile device. Phase 2 of the platform will also provide an app that can be downloaded from your app store. Stay tuned for app release details.