2021 Virtual Student Conference


The National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. (NABA) hosts four annual student conferences in the Central (CRSC), Eastern (ERSC), Southern (SRSC), and Western (WRSC) regions of the United States. The conference is attended by students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting, IT, finance, economics, and general business. Our 2021 conference, themed Insight, continues to be a medium to promote the professional growth and educational needs of our student membership, provide them the opportunity to develop relationships with corporate representatives, and provide them with meaningful career opportunities and the necessary leadership skills needed to thrive in today’s world.

With the continuous spread and uncertainty of COVID-19 within our country, we are taking the necessary precautions and putting the health and safety of our student and professional members and our corporate partners and affiliates first; therefore we are combining our four regional student conferences into ONE Virtual Student Conference on August 12-13, 2021!


Benefits of Attending

·      To encourage student involvement in NABA and to assist in the development of leadership skills.
·       To provide an opportunity for students and professionals to share their goals and objectives.
·       To augment students' skills and expand their knowledge through challenging seminars.
·       To provide a forum to discuss student issues and to present positive alternative resolutions.
·       To provide opportunities for students to develop and exhibit their organizational and planning skills.
·       To facilitate maximum attendance and participation by students and professionals.
·       To provide a cost-effective method for corporations to interview qualified minority students.
·       To provide an opportunity for students to interview for entry-level positions and internships.

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2021 Virtual Student Conference Prospectus

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2021 Virtual Student Conference Prospectus